With our variety of instructors, we have you covered. We offer baseball hitting, pitching, fielding, and catching. Softball hitting, pitching, fielding, and catching. Our goal is to provide knowledge and professionalism all while having fun. 


Pop Warner – Baseball/Hitting. Pro Level Instructor

Morgan Burkhardt – Baseball/Hitting. Pro Level Instructor

Lance Burkhardt – Baseball/Hitting/Catching. Pro Level Instructor.

Lance Burkhardt

William Shanks – Baseball/Pitching. Pro Level Instructor

Brett Graves – Baseball/Pitching. Pro Level Instructor. Seasonal Lessons.  

Adam Benes – Baseball/Pitching/Hitting. Pro Level Instructor

Megan Elder – Softball/Pitching/Hitting. 

Dave Schellert – Baseball/Hitting. Softball/Hitting.

Dan Fox – Baseball/Hitting. 

Matthew Griese – Baseball/Hitting/Pitching/Fielding. Softball/Hitting. 

Diana Reynolds – Softball/Pitching/Hitting. 

Mike Buda – Baseball/Pitching/Hitting. 

Jamarr Becks – Baseball/Pitching/Hitting

Dominic Marchesi – Baseball/Pitching/Hitting.

Jack Scanio – Baseball/Hitting/Pitching/Fielding.

Nikki Taylor – Softball/Hitting/Pitching.

Josh Ludy – Baseball/Catching/Hitting.


Ben Cook – Baseball/Hitting/Defense. Softball/Hitting/Defense.

Rich Barrett – Baseball Pitching