Pitcher’s Edge Program

 The Pitcher’s Edge program helps pitchers build mechanics, increase velocity, gain full body strength, learn the understanding of taking care of their arm for injury prevention, learn the mental side of pitching, understand the difference of throwing in a showcase and pitching in a game, and more. Velocity and arm care is not something that is developed over night. It is gradually developed over months and years of training. The Pitcher’s Edge Program is designed for the dedicated pitchers looking to become elite.


  • The training is tailored to the athlete and their specific needs.
  • Open to players 13 and older.
  • High School Players
  • College Players
  • Professional Players
$300 per month for PE unlimited membership.
 -free assessment upon sign up, and every 2 months
 -athlete receives access to the fieldhouse 5 days per week from 4pm – 9pm


Jay Cigorelli – formerly with NY Yankees and P3.
Clinton Tanner – Athlete’s Edge trainer, strength and agility specialist
Matthew Griese – Plyo balls, bands and medicine balls. Has worked with Erik Miller (Stanford).
William Shanks – Toronto Bluejays, specializes in mechanics.


Oct – Dec – No throw program
Dec – March – throwing programs may start depending on your age and the progress made through the program.
April – July – In Season training